Our Service Commitment.


Our dedicated team builds health & welfare outsourcing solutions and systems of record. We manage enrollment and administration in a single platform.


Our licensed counselors help your employees make the right decisions to fit their benefit needs.


We provide continual expert advice and issue resolution for our clients. We are engrained in their culture and maintain an intense focus on their goals. Our commitment is strong.

  • Self-insured and fully insured medical
  • Stop loss,
  • Spending accounts
  • Pharmacy
  • Population health
  • Dental/Vision
  • Wellness
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Life/Disability
  • Leaves
  • Accidental death & dismemberment
  • Executive benefits
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Enrollment services
  • Total benefits outsourcing


We pride ourselves on being fully committed to our clients and involving them in every step of the strategizing process. We become part of your benefits department.

  • Plan strategy & management
  • Financial and vendor engagement
  • Plan designs and contribution strategies
  • Active cost trends analysis and reporting
  • Enrollment trend and analysis
  • Overall cost trend analysis


On an annual basis, we conduct a demographic population health analysis and in‐depth examination of each client’s workforce, family status, financial status and priorities, career position, and motivations. This analysis allows us to identify benefit program gaps and design visionary, tailored rewards to fit and appeal to a multigenerational workforce.

Performing this analysis on an annual basis allows us to not only monitor the success of past initiatives but also shifts in your population’s behavior.

Design in Mind

Employees crave clear, engaging communications that provide them with clarity around their complex and ever-changing benefit options.

Employers crave business results – which come from educated and happy employees.

We develop custom communication pieces, enrollment outreach strategies and benefit microsites that have a direct and positive impact on the audience, whether it be your employees or their spouses.

Our in-house design team creates multimodal communications to engage all levels of decision makers as well as all generational profiles.

Engaging your employees.

Let your employees take control of their benefits by implementing a living, breathing online Benefits Guide.

Engage your employees throughout the year with New Hire and Open Enrollment messaging through newsletters, postcards, and benefit guides.

We use a variety of enrollment vendors to help employees seamlessly and flawlessly enroll in the benefits that are best for them.

We integrate with the most cutting-edge vendors in the market to give your employees the best experience possible.

Have questions about self-funding?

Our Analysts and Account Managers are up-to-snuff on the latest funding models, pricing schemes, and more.

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